Light the Heights on New Year’s Eve!

As 2020 comes to a close, I think we can all agree – it’s been a long year, one where we’ve all had to learn to adapt.  Even at your Windsor Heights Foundation.

As we close the door on a year we may all wish to forget (pandemic, derecho!) please join us in looking forward to a brighter 2021, by taking the simple act of lighting your parking with luminaries on New Year’s Eve. 

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The Windsor Heights Foundation can help. Your gift also has the power to brighten ALL OF WINDSOR HEIGHTS!  If you donate a minimum of $20.21 before December 29th, we will deliver a luminary kit for you to help LIGHT THE HEIGHTS  on New Year’s Eve, along with all of our neighbors!  

  • A gift of $20.21 will provide you with a kit of ten lights. 
  • A gift of  $50.21 will provide you with a kit of twenty-five luminaries. 
  • A gift of $200.21 donation will allow you to provide luminaries for up to nine of your neighbors.

Please Won’t you help us?  Whatever your gift, please know that it will be used right here in our Windsor Heights, providing support for initiatives in 2021, and beyond, that help enhance the quality of life in our community.  Make your gift now through the donation link on the website.